EDEN Web Entry Training

Georgia 811 is migrating from its existing system called EDEN, to a new notification system, GeoCall. This new system has many advantages over EDEN and will help us provide greater service in the future – while still enabling Members and Excavators to create, manage, respond to and edit Georgia 811 Locate Tickets.

All existing EDEN Web Users will have full access to the new ticketing system upon release, and additional training is recommended, but not required. If you are not already a Web User and do not have a username and password, you will be required to take training on the new ticket system to gain access.

We are now accepting pre-registration for web entry training on our New Web Entry Ticketing System.

We will contact you via email when training becomes available. If you have questions, please contact a Web Services Representative at webhelpdesk@georgia811.com or call 770-476-6050.
Click here to pre-register for Training.

Avoid downtime. You can still take advantage of the ease and convenience of submitting your locate ticket online without any formal training.
View, Renew and Create options for single address locate requests are available.
Visit my.ga811.com to start the ticket creation process.
Click here to learn more about Georgia 811’s Ticketing System changes and the expected launch date.