ID-100214985GeoCall Library


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why are you getting a new system? 
    As we looked at upgrading the existing system, we considered several options.  Through our discovery process, we chose this application system because it is a proven software application in use by twelve other 811 centers. Because of this partnership with twelve other centers, Georgia 811 not only receives support from this broader community, but we are also able to actively participate in the future direction of the system.
  1. When is the launch date? 
    The launch date is June 4th, 2020.



  1. I use a ticket management software;will I need to make any changes so it can interact with GeoCall
    Most likely, yes.  GeoCall works a bit differently internally, so the information we send to you will not be formatted exactly like EDEN.  All the critical information will be there for a ticket, but the way your ticket management software imports that information will likely need to change.  A priority for us is to get this information out to you as soon as possible. We will have detailed information for you on our website on March 4th, providing 90 days for you to make adjustments before we launch..


  1. Do we need to budget for resources next year to work on any automation needed to receive notifications from Georgia ?
    This transition will involve changes to the format of notices, both for email and XML notifications.  Additionally, the delivery technology for XML notifications will be changing from SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)-based to REST (Representational State Transfer)-based.  We will be providing samples as the new formats are developed, and we do plan on having a test system available as well.


  1. Will I be able to review and/or edit my service area in GeoCallprior to launch? 
    Yes, you will be able to review and edit your service area before we launch.


  1. When the transition occurs, will there be any down time? 
    Yes, there will be downtime when we cut over to the new system.  We will very likely be scheduling this during off-hours to minimize the impact, but there will be several hours where both systems will be offline.



  1. How does the transition to GeoCall affect my bill?
    Georgia 811’s member classes and billing methods will not change.  For current members, we will continue calculating your bill based on the locate requests and late notices received during our billing period which spans 12 months from September through August of the prior year.  New members and contract locators will continue receiving bills on a monthly basis based on the locate requests received the prior month.



  1. Which browsers will be supported? 
    The new system is much more compatible with modern browsers.  We will be testing this ourselves as we go through the implementation process and provide you with a list of browsers we’ve tested, but it should work with most browsers available today.


  1. Will I be able to view all my existing tickets that I am now able to view in EDEN?
    We are working with the vendor on a few options for users to have access to historical tickets, but we haven’t yet determined the best method.  We will have more information as we continue to work on the system.


  1. I have Large Project tickets that have been restaked for months.  How is switching over to GeoCall going to affect these?
    Our goal is to transition these tickets over to GeoCall, so an open Large Project in EDEN will be an open Large Project in GeoCall, with similar functionality.  We are working through some details now, and any differences between EDEN and GeoCall will be communicated to you before we launch.


  1. Will I be able to attach a map or other documents to my locate ticket?
    No, this is not available with the new system.


  1. Will the mobile apps stay the same? 
    No, there will be new GeoCall-specific mobile apps.


  1. How will I respond to tickets?
    Responses can be done through a web portal, through the mobile app, and through the voice response system. If you use a ticket management system there will be an Application Programming Interface (API) available.



  1. Will there be a test site and training?
    Yes, we are developing the testing site and training materials as we implement the system.  More information will be available as we continue development.