Digger Dog 2011

It’s that time of year again! Georgia 811’s mascot , Digger Dog, is traveling throughout the state of Georgia promoting themessage of safe digging and wants to visit your elementary school. Digger provides a fun, interactive, FREE program designed to equip young Georgians with the tools and information needed to protect themselves in hazardous situations. He will share withyour students information about safe digging, smelling gas and acting fast, and safety techniques to use around overhead electricallines in his 35-minute energetic, informative, and life-saving presentation.


Information in Digger’s presentation has been geared for second and third grade, butmay be presented to other age groups at your request. His message fits several of the criteriafound in both Grade Two and Grade Three of Georgia’s Performance Standards. Studentswill have the opportunity to review gas and energy properties; enhance their vocabulary,communication, and media comprehension skills; and improve their safety-consciousness.


For more information, visit our Digger Dog page here.