EDEN System Upgrades Announced

September 1, 2011 – Duluth: Georgia 811 announces that an Excavation Digging Event Notification (EDEN) system upgrade will occur on Saturday, September 10 beginning at 12:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m. Saturday evening. During this time, Georgia 811 will be unable to create and transmit locate requests. Online locate request creation and the Positive Response Information System (PRIS) will also be offline as well.


In the event of a damage or emergency, the excavator will need to contact the affected member utility company/companies directly. At the end of the upgrade period, the excavator will then need to call Georgia 811 to follow up with the damage and/or emergency information.


This system upgrade will affect the way EDEN looks, but functionality will not change. Over 55 enhancements will be implemented during this system upgrade.


Notable upgrades include:


  • Map enhancements so that it does not default to the City of McIntyre when loading the map the first time.
  • Corrected miscellaneous bugs when drawing service area map updates.
  • Addition of a Ruler tool on the map – as well as other general map tool updates.
  • PRIS Code descriptions shown on Response Manager and Viewer
  • Ticket creator username shown in Request Manager search results – allowing you to identify tickets created by other users in your company.
  • Ability to view the Response History from Response Viewer
  • Limit response codes available for Large Project ticket types to 10 codes only.