End of Support for Fixed Format Email Locate Request Delivery

Duluth, GA – July 30th, 2013 – Please be advised that Georgia 811’s Lifecycle for the Fixed Format email delivery for Locate Requests will come to an end on December 31st, 2013. At that time Georgia 811 will no longer provide a fixed formatted email delivery option for Locate Request Notifications (tickets). Email delivery will still be available, just not in a fixed format that can be parsed.


Only Georgia 811 Members, or contract locate companies, who currently parse Locate Request emails must transition away by December 31st, 2013. If you are a member who receives locate requests via email for viewing in person, this change will not affect you. Again, this only affects Members and or contract locate companies who currently parse Locate Request emails.


Georgia 811 is ending support for fixed format email delivery due to greater availability of superior and more efficient delivery methods and because of the difficulty of maintenance. It will be replaced with the Web Services (XML) delivery method.


Documentation for the Web Services delivery method is available here –http://goo.gl/oGyju0


If you would like to use our test environment prior to implementation, please contact Member Services (MemberServices@Georgia811.com or 770.623.5786) and they will provide you with the necessary information.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Member Services.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.