Georgia 811 Experiencing Intermittent Phone Issues

Georgia 811 Experiencing Intermittent Phone Issues

Duluth, GA – August 12, 2014 – Georgia 811 is experiencing intermittent phone issues such as poor audio, one way audio or service impairments with our outbound/inbound calling. This is affecting all our numbers locally, our 800 numbers and 811. Our service provider is unable to provide an ETA as to when this will be resolved.


Please note all of our internet means of communication are functioning normally. This includes online locate request creation through EDEN and our eTicket single address locate request application. Also, PRIS may be accessed online at or by using our Georgia 811 EDEN Mobile App. See more info below.


As a reminder, EDEN locate request creation, including emergency locate request creation*, is available 24/7. Our users tell us they like using EDEN because of its “Ease, Speed, Convenience and Control.” If you need a user name and password please click here to sign up for a short training class or for more information. Homeowners may apply online for their locate requests using eRequest.


Everyone is encouraged to download the Georgia 811 EDEN Mobile App for Android powered devices 2.1 and greater and for the iPhone and iPad:




  • Homeowners – use the app to track and check the status of your locate request to ensure all utilities have responded before beginning to dig.
  • Excavators – use the app to check the latest responses from utilities on the status of all your locate requests. Never have to print and keep up with a paper copy of the ticket again!
  • Utility Owners/Members – use the app to respond to PRIS once locate requests have been located. Enter the request number, respond, and move to the next one!



*PLEASE NOTE: Emergency locate requests may be entered online with the exception of those incidents involving gas facilities which are still required to be reported to Georgia 811 by contacting our call center.