Welcome to the new Georgia 811

Things are looking different around here. Don’t worry, you have arrived at the NEW Georgia811.com!

CompMonitorSo why did we create a new website when the previous website was quite a marvel of web excellence? Simply put…we wanted to make our website much easier for you to navigate. Georgia811.com is one of our great resources for providing information to Homeowners, Professionals and Members. While our old website was quite nice (not to pat ourselves on the back), it wasn’t always easy for visitors to find the information they needed.

Gone are the days of looking through many sub-menus. Everything you need to find is now safely tucked away in the top menu on the NEW Georgia811.com!

Just take a look at the top of this website and you will see the following options: Homeowners, Professionals (formerly Excavators), Members, Laws, About Us, Resources and EDEN/PRIS. By clicking on one of these items, a drop down menu of related pages will appear. In the process of making our new website easier to navigate, we made sure to condense our content in order to noticeably reduce the number of pages on our website. In the event that you cannot find the information you are looking for under any of the main options on the top menu, then click on the magnifying glass icon that is to the right of EDEN/PRIS to reveal a search box above the top menu. While you are getting familiar with our new website, the search feature will be a very useful tool.

DownArrow3What about the new home page? We knew you would ask. Yes, we think it is pretty nice too. Our news slider now covers your entire web browser so you will always get our latest news and announcements every time you visit. As a bonus, feel free to click on the orange down arrow that is on the bottom left corner of the home page to find some hidden gems below the news slider. Here you will find icons to quickly access some important information or items we offer, information about our Mobile App and information about our Product Catalog. Not interested in using these items on the home page? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Everything can still be found in the top menu.

Don’t forget to look at the bottom of our website for a few important items. Not only will you find icons to download our Mobile App, you will also find icons that link to Georgia 811’s social media accounts (make sure to follow us!). You will also notice a short menu that includes our Privacy Policy, Job Opportunities, Links, Español and Contact.

iPadiPhoneSmallDo you like to visit Georgia811.com on your mobile device? Of course you do. That’s why our new website layout is fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices. Feel free to browse around on your phone or tablet. You will still be able to access all of our great information and features on Georgia811.com, including our eRequest application, Large Projects Request form, EDEN Training Registration form and our new Liaison Training Request form. We’re sure that you will like browsing the NEW Georgia811.com on the go. For you Professionals and Members, don’t forget to download the EDEN PRIS Mobile App!


Our new website is just one example of our dedication to our mission statement:

Georgia 811 will be an industry leader in promoting safety and preventing damage to utility facilities efficiently through high quality and economical notification service; providing education and encouraging compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

We hope that you enjoy the time you spend on Georgia811.com. If you have any concerns, questions or comments…feel free to contact us by clicking on About Us in the top menu and then click on Contact Us.