Tournament of Roses Parade Float

Duluth, GA – December 28, 2017 – The Contact 811 Before You Dig community is proud to announce its upcoming participation in the Tournament of Roses Parade for 2018!

Through the years, the Contact 811 Before You Dig community has prevented countless accidents that could potentially threaten the safety of nearby citizens and underground utilities.

These communities continually strive to deliver public awareness for 811’s cause. This year, the 811 community takes another leap for damage prevention with its participation in the 2018 Rose Parade!

Our float for the 2018 parade features loveable canines and felines working together to safely repair the garden’s underground utilities. However, they didn’t contact 811 before they started and now must mitigate the dangers that lie below!

Georgia 811 team members are out in California helping build the 811 float that will be in the Tournament of Roses – Rose Parade along with our friends from Underground Service Alert of Southern California (DigAlert), USA North 811, Blue Stakes of Utah 811, Colorado 811, North Carolina 811, Ohio Utilities Protection Service, JULIE One Call (Illinois), and Alabama 811.

Follow the live feed at 811roseparade.com and click here to view photos.