What’s Georgia 811 Up To During April’s Safe Digging Month?

Georgia 811 is giving away FOUR $500.00 Home Depot gift cards! Register now and the drawing will occur on April 30 at 5pm. We need our Georgia stakeholders to like our Facebook page or Twitter page! Check in on our social media pages anytime between the 1st and 30th of this month to click on the link for the giveaway registration. You can register to win on multiple media outlets. Help us get more likes and Georgia winners!


Georgia 811 has also started weekly visits to utility crews to drop off 811 cookies and safety information in celebration of Safe Digging Month. Some drop off locations were selected at random and some were coordinated ahead of time. Liaisons dressed in 811 safety vests and had a great time bringing this sweet safe digging message to crews hard at work. Facebook lives and videos were uploaded to our Facebook page which helped boost the excitement of the event. The Great Georgia 811 Cookie Drop off will continue each Thursday and Friday throughout April. If you are a Georgia based company and would like us to make a surprise visit to your crew or work with supervisors to find locators in the field, please contact media@georgia811.com. Follow us on our @GA811 Facebook page for more Facebook lives while we surprise Georgia construction crews and locators!  #Georgia811CookieDrop #Ga811CookieDrop

APRIL Proclamations: Once again Georgia 811 will be providing an opportunity to sponsor your UCC luncheon if you secure two proclamations that proclaim APRIL as SAFE DIGGING MONTH by your city, county, local fire department or by having the company you work for add the Georgia 811 logo to their home page for the entire month of April. Two proclamations equal $250 and four proclamations will equal $500. We hope that UCC meetings will pick back up this year and this is a way to plan ahead for when you do start meeting again. Lunch winners will be announced at the Georgia 811 Annual meeting. To check out all of Georgia 811’s Safe Digging Month resources, click here.

Cliff Meidl Media Tour: National safe digging spokesperson Cliff Meidl is currently touring Georgia sharing his life-saving safety message with Georgia 811 members and excavating companies as well as media outlets. Chat with us! Leave us a message on Facebook telling us where you’ve seen or heard Cliff this week! To share his incredible story with your crews during an April safety talk, check out his video on YouTube!


Safe Digging Month/Arbor Day Event: On Thursday, April 1, Georgia 811 hosted a tree-planting event up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In anticipation of Arbor Day and to kick off Safe Digging Month, Georgia 811 provided redbud and dogwood saplings in conjunction with the Georgia Forestry Commission to an elementary school in Fannin County. Georgia 811 advertised on their Facebook page, looking for a school or scouting troop who would be interested in this free event. We quickly had a response from Ms. Hyatt at East Fannin Elementary School who was looking to help beautify the trail that leads to their outdoor classroom. Before the event, Georgia 811 coordinated with Ms. Hyatt to make sure a dig ticket was created and all lines were marked. On the day of the event, Digger Dog and Ms. Maria first presented their 35-minute safety presentation in an effort to educate the students on the importance of contacting Georgia 811 to have underground utility lines marked prior to digging and to promote safety around downed power lines. After the presentation, Georgia 811 staff and Digger Dog passed out the saplings and went out to the trail to help the students plant their trees. Students also had the opportunity to take a sapling and some 811 information home with them. It was a great day to promote safe digging and environmentalism with young Georgians!

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