March News

Do you have a question for Georgia 811?
Georgia 811 will host a Damage Prevention Roundtable Discussion on Thursday, March 31, at the GUCC Conference in Jekyll Island. Georgia 811 leaders will take this time to answer questions from safe digging stakeholders. If you have a question you’d like to submit for answer, please submit it here by Wednesday, March 16. Not attending the Conference? Please feel free to submit your question and we will answer these questions via a future newsletter or direct correspondence.
What will you do to support April as Safe Digging Month?
There are many ways you can further local damage prevention efforts during Safe Digging Month. Check out all the free resources on Georgia 811’s Safe Digging Month page:

  • Talking points for you to hold a safety workshop
  • Social Media Messages
  • Press Releases and Interview Points for use with local media
  • Information for requesting a Safe Digging Month proclamation from your county or city government*

Safe digging stakeholders can also take advantage of the free, online, self-paced Damage Prevention Competent Person training during Safe Digging Month. (See below for more information.) Please contact Director of Corporate Communications Megan Estes to request assistance with a local endeavor.
*Local Utility Coordinating Committees (UCCs) will continue to earn money towards a future lunch meeting for obtaining local Safe Digging Month Proclamations. Two proclamations obtained in a UCC region earns $250 towards a future lunch meeting, and four or more proclamations will earn a UCC $500.
March’s Giveaway – 4×4 Outdoor Garden Planters
There’s still time to register for the Georgia 811’s March Giveaway. Visit Georgia 811’s Facebook page to register. Don’t forget to follow the account for reminders of future contests! Register today – the March giveaway ends on March 15.
Georgia 811 Damage Prevention Competent Person Training
April is a great month to provide safety training for your crew or company. Take advantage of Georgia 811’s comprehensive training on safe digging via the online Damage Prevention Competent Person Training. More information and registration access is available here and on the Georgia 811 homepage.
Education Spotlight: Preparation for Submitting a Ticket
Normal tickets are the most common ticket type for excavation. They last for 30 days, and excavators are permitted to include up to 5 single addresses (or buildings/lots) on a single street on one normal ticket. Here is the information excavators should have handy when preparing to submit a normal ticket:

  • Contact Information for the company performing the digging project: Company Name, Company Phone Number, Company Address
  • Contact Information for the person overseeing the digging project (submitting ticket): First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Contact Information for the field contact for the digging project: First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Type of Work being done and duration of the digging portion of the project
  • Company’s name or individual’s name for whom the work will be performed for
  • Address Information of the dig site: County, City, Address (or road name) where the work will take place, Nearest intersecting cross street to the dig site location, Driving Directions (if dig site cannot be easily found)
  • Locate Instructions: A description of the starting and ending point of where the digging project will occur at the dig site
  • White Line Information: Number of white lined areas at the dig site prior to the ticket creation
  • Work Information: Boring (horizontal directional drilling), Blasting (blasting with dynamite or other explosives), Overhead Protection (work that will take place within ten feet of any overhead high voltage power lines)

As a reminder, the information you provide must comply with the policies, rules, and laws that govern Georgia 811. The Quality Assurance Team performs random Quality Assurance Reviews on tickets to ensure compliance. For more information regarding ticket types and ticket creation, visit Georgia 811’s Excavator Resource FAQs or email Web Services at