April Training Topics

Understanding Marking Standards and PRIS

Did you know there is a uniform standard for marking underground facilities in Georgia?

Do your locate technician and excavating crew understand this requirement and how to place and interpret these markings in the field?

How about the Positive Response Information System (PRIS) codes?

Does your team know which codes to utilize when responding to tickets?

Do your excavating crews understand what these responses mean?


Marking Standards

The Public Service Commission Marking Standards Rule describes the uniform standard of how each underground facility must be marked and how an area of proposed excavation must be white lined in Georgia.

The Marking Standards share vital information including:

  • the size
  • type of material of an underground facility
  • standards for white lining the proposed area of excavation
  • how to interpret these markings.

All locate technicians must mark facilities based on this Rule and all excavators need to understand these marks in the field.


The Positive Response Information System (PRIS)

The Positive Response Information System or PRIS is an important tool for both locate technicians and excavators alike. Georgia law requires that the underground facility member responds to PRIS and that all excavators are aware of the PRIS responses. PRIS allows the locate technician and the crew performing the excavation to communicate directly on each ticket.


Georgia 811 Damage Prevention Competent Person Training

The best way you can ensure that both you and your crews are in compliance with the Marking Standards Rule and fully understand PRIS is to take the Georgia 811 Damage Prevention Competent Person Training.

The Damage Prevention Competent Person Training is beneficial to all stakeholders who are a part of the Georgia 811 community. You will benefit if you are a: locate technician, excavator, utility owner operator, public officials or Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

This training is recommended to all Georgia 811 Members and their subcontractors– especially those who are out of state and unfamiliar with the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (GUFPA). Your completion of this course will help keep Georgia safe and connected!

The easily accessible online training is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of safe digging methods in Georgia. The free training covers seven different educational topics:

  1. Introduction to Safe Excavation in Georgia
  2. Requesting a Dig Ticket & Understanding Utility Markings
  3. Liability & Damages
  4. Digging Safely: An Explanation of the Tolerance Zone, Potholing, Utility Depth, and Enforcement of the Georgia Dig Law
  5. Marking Standards for Underground Utilities
  6. Preparing a Damage Investigation
  7. Ticket Responses in the Positive Response Information System (PRIS)

The training lasts approximately one hour. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. Click here to register.