Text Update in Ticketing System

On Thursday, December 15, text in the Georgia 811 Online Ticketing System, GeoCall, will be updated to include reminders about Georgia 811 ticket size polices based on the Georgia Underground Facility Protection Act and the Georgia Public Service Commission’s Large Project Rule.
Please be aware of the following two statements that are part of the update.

  • The maximum number of times a Normal ticket can be updated may not exceed two (2) times after its creation or exceed a period of 90 days, in compliance with The Georgia Public Service Commission’s Large Project Rule 515-9-4-13 and the Georgia Dig Law 25-9-6 (e)

  • Disclaimer when an excavator attempts to update a Normal ticket for the 3rd time:

    This ticket has been updated 2 times with an original work duration of ____. To proceed with the update, please acknowledge the following and enter a reason for the update:

    □ By checking this box, you acknowledge that this locate request may be in violation of the above Commission Rule 515-9-4.13 and O.C.G.A. 25-9-6(e). Georgia 811 will report this potential violation to the Georgia Public Service Commission for review.

    Update Reason: ______________________________________________

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