Georgia 811 New Online Ticket System FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you getting a new system?

As we looked at upgrading the existing system, we considered several options. Through our discovery process, we chose this application system because it is a proven software application in use by twelve other 811 centers, which also forms a broad user community that we can partner with and receive assistance from, as well as actively participate in the future direction of the system.
2. When is the launch date?

The launch date is October 15th, 2020.
3. How will I log into the system?

There will be a web portal that you will log in to. As we complete more implementation phases, we will be communicating with you more specific information, including what the portal will look like, how to use it, and how to log in.
4. Will my Username and Password change?

We are looking at migration options now, and we will be letting you know once we discover the best options for the new system.
5. Will I be able to view all my existing tickets?

We are working with the vendor on a few options for this, but we haven’t yet determined the best method. We will have more information as we continue to work on the system.
6. Will I be able to search tickets for my company?

There are several search options available, including searching for tickets by your company.
7. Can I continue to create my tickets online?

Yes, you will be able to create tickets online.
8. Are there specific browser requirements?

The new system is much more compatible with modern browsers. We will be testing this ourselves as we go and provide you with a list of browsers we’ve tested, but it should work with most browsers available today.
9. I use a ticket management software. Will I need to make any changes so it can interact with GeoCall??

Most likely, yes. GeoCall works a bit differently internally, so the information we send to you will not be formatted exactly like EDEN. All the critical information will be there for a ticket, but the way your ticket management software imports that information will likely need to change. A priority for us is to get this information out to you as soon as possible.
10. How will I respond to tickets?

Responses can be done through a web portal, through the mobile app, and through the voice response system. If you use a ticket management system there will be an Application Programming Interface (API) available.
11. Will I be able to use the Mobile PRIS App?

There will be a new app with the new system, and you will be able to respond to PRIS using that app.
12. Will I still receive the weekly and monthly report?

Yes, you will still receive the weekly and monthly report.
13. Will I be able to modify my service area map?

Yes, the new system includes a service area editor for you to update your maps.
14. Will there be training?

Yes, we are developing training materials as we implement the system. More information will be available as we go.
15. Will I still receive an End of Day Audit?

Yes, you will still receive and end of day audit.