Member Standard Report Request

Georgia 811 has designed a standard report for our active members (facility owners only) at no additional cost to you.

The report contains Billing information, Locate Totals and Positive Response information that you may find beneficial.
The weekly report delivers every Monday and the monthly report delivers on the first of every month.
The weekly report provides data for the previous week and the monthly report provides YTD data.

Below is an outline of what is included in the report. Also included with each report is a detailed definition for the reports and the information they contain.

Billing Information: Shows a summary of your billable data compared to billable data for all members.  Our billing period consists of data compiled from September through August each year.

Locate Totals: Provides the locate request totals broken down by Service Area and Request Type.

On Time Completion:  Provides the total number of locate requests that were due to be responded to, the total of those that were late, and the percentage of late requests per Service Area Code. It also provides you with information regarding the use of the 3M: Unmarked, Late Weather Conditions and 3N: Unmarked, Late Response Codes.

PRIS Responses:  Provides the Positive Response codes used and the total times that code was used per Service Area code. Also, shows the response method used.

Please fill out the form below to begin receiving these reports.

If you have any questions please contact your local liaison or our Customer Connections Dept. at 770-623-5786 or