Damage to underground utility lines is a major problem in the United States. Incidents caused by unsafe digging practices can compromise community safety and disconnect people from critical services.

Take advantage of this timely date, 8/11 day, to remind coworkers, customers and communities to contact Georgia 811 at least three business days before digging by calling 811 or logging on to www.Georgia811.com

Below you will find some resources created to help you share this important safe digging information.

Are you part of a Georgia Utility Coordinating Council (UCC)?
Georgia 811 offers up to $500 towards a UCC lunch when UCC members acquire a local proclamation or add 811 graphics to company bill pay websites and/or social media sites. UCCs who earn two credits by September 1 of each year are awarded $250 towards a UCC lunch at the Georgia 811 Annual Meeting. UCCs who earn four credits by September 1 can earn $500 towards a lunch.
A single credit can be earned by:

There is no limitation to how many credits can be earned in a single category. For example, a UCC could earn four credits from acquiring Safe Digging Month proclamations from four different cities within their UCC geographical region.
For questions about the program please email Media@Georgia811.com.


Social Media Ideas
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