Member Ticket Responses – PRIS

As a member of Georgia 811 it is your responsibility to respond to your locate tickets using the Positive Response Information System (PRIS). This system is a method of communication between utility members and excavators. The communication informs excavators to the status of their ticket so work can be planned. This will help prevent possible damage to your utility and promote open communication if there is an issue.
Failure to respond to your tickets via PRIS will result in a late notice fee for your company. To avoid this fee, you must respond on or before the “Response Due Date” that is provided on each ticket, and for each of your respective service area codes that are listed.
For Positive Response resources, including video tutorials, please visit our Member Resources page here.
Georgia 811 provides a weekly and monthly standard report for our members that contains Billing information, Locate Totals and Positive Response information that you may find beneficial. To find more information or to receive these reports click here.
If you have any questions, please contact Customer Connections at or 770.623.5786.