Locate Request Management Options

Locate Request Management Product: BOSS811

Company Name: BOSS
E-Mail: sales@boss811.com
Website: www.boss811.com
Contact: Julie Duke
Phone: 678-684-1223

BOSS811 is a cloud-based powerful One Call ticket management system for the damage prevention industry. Designed specifically for contract locators, utilities, municipalities and pipeline companies, BOSS811 is a secure, flexible and cost effective solution that increases the efficiency of locating and ticket management processes. BOSS811 features include automatic routing, reports, dashboards, integrated mobile app, API integration, maps, notifications and much more. With no upfront investment, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial at www.boss811.com or call 678-684-1223.

Locate Request Management Product: DigTrack.com

Company Name: Bytronics, Inc.
E-Mail: info@digtrack.com
Website: www.DigTrack.com
Contact: Peter Hotchkiss
Phone: 585-425-0110

Bytronics has been providing premium solutions to the damage prevention industry for more than 20 years. Bytronics introduced the industry’s first internet based ticket management system, DigTrack.com, in 2000. DigTrack is recognized by damage prevention professionals that demand a flexible solution with outstanding support. DigTrack has the features you need to take control of your ticket management operation. Enhanced screening, automatic dispatch, maps, positive response, photo attachments, and more. DigTrack requires no upfront investment! Sign up for a free 30 day trial at www.DigTrack.com.

Locate Request Management Product: HiperWeb

Company Name: PSD Software
E-Mail: sales@hiperweb.com
Website: www.hiperweb.com
Contact: Matt Kallaoun
Phone: 770-594-0060

ULOCO is HiperWeb’s 811 ticket management app for the damage prevention industry. Powered by the HiperWeb Work Management System, ULOCO focuses on mobile speed and efficiency for its iOS and Android users, as well as robust reporting while integrating with HiperWeb’s service history and GIS management module. ULOCO is just one of 15 different modules offered by PSD to bridge the gaps in operations management. For more information on HiperWeb and its ULOCO app, please visit: http://uloco.co or call 770.594.0060.

Locate Request Management Product: IRTHNet

Company Name: IRTH Solutions
E-Mail: sales@irthsolutions.com
Website: www.IRTH.com

Since 1985, IRTH Solutions has been the largest provider of software and web services for the damage prevention industry processing over 14 million tickets per year in the One Call industry. The IRTHNet ticket management application is an affordable, easy to use, web based tool designed to process and manage all aspects related to locating activities, preventing damages and saving money. Simply put, nobody has more experience than IRTH Solutions. Call today for a demonstration allowing us to show you why IRTHNet is TRUSTED and SELECTED by utility companies, large and small, across the country and in Georgia. IRTH, Georgia’s recognized name in damage prevention software.

Locate Request Management Product: KorWeb

Company Name: KorTerra
E-Mail: sales@korterra.com
Website: www.korterra.com
Contact: Aimee Wendland
Phone: 952-368-1911

KorWeb is a web-based One Call ticket management system created to increase efficiency in locating and ticket processing, while cutting costs by eliminating unnecessary manual processes. KorWeb performs all ticket receiving, dispatching, storing, completion and positive response functions in one central location. KorWeb is used by contract locators, One Call Centers, utilities, municipalities and pipelines companies to protect underground facilities, prevent service interruptions and allow excavators and homeowners to dig safely. KorWeb is the industry’s most reliable system to perform these critical damage prevention tasks. For more information on KorWeb, please visit: http://www.korterra.com/ticket-management/korweb/korweb-signup or call 952-368-1911.

Locate Request Management Product: MobileForce 811

Company Name: MobileForce Software
E-Mail: info@mobileforcesoftware.com
Website: www.mobileforcesoftware.com/811
Contact: Jamal Khan
Phone: 408-457-7960

Much more than a mobile ticket management app. MobileForce 811, a bespoke 811 and Private Locate software service, is customized to your own proprietary process, best practices, workflow, and the familiar user interface your team members are used to. MobileForce advanced AI engine, using predicative data modeling, delivers not only mission critical information, it is a vital source of intelligence for managing compliance and achieving greater cost and operational efficiencies. With MobileForce 811, select precisely what you need, knowing well, the service will seamlessly and cost effectively scale as your business, industry, and regulatory requirements change in the future. Give us your best challenge, signup, and try for free.

Locate Request Management Product: Polaris Workforce

Company Name: Commonwealth Technology Group
E-Mail: sales@cwtg.com
Contact: Patrick Robinson
Phone: 770-710-9239

Polaris Workforce can receive and manage locate request from all 50 states and Canada. Technicians can respond directly from the field via positive response or contractor emails and faxes. Mobile users can view all of their work geographically on a map and the system will auto route and provide turn by turn directions to maximize efficiency. Software can include sketch and picture attachments as well as integrate GIS mapping using our own GIS viewer. Polaris Workforce can run on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If you would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact us today.

Locate Request Management Product: Spatialitics

Company Name: Spatialitics, LLC
E-Mail: linelocate@spatialitics.com
Website: www.spatialitics.com
Contact: Lori Kurovski
Phone: 913-707-7388

Spatialitics Line Locate is an automated geo-enabled solution optimizing the entire locate request management workflow for utilities that typically leads to 40-60% savings in utility locate operational cost. For more information about Spatialitics Line Locate, call or email to request more information or visit https://spatialitics.com/Line-Locate.

Locate Request Management Product: TransLore

Company Name: CSS Group, Inc.
E-Mail: info@translore.com
Website: www.translore.com
Contact: Eric Dahlinger
Phone: 316-269-9090

TransLore is used by a wide variety of utility and contract locate companies in Georgia and across the country to manage One Call dig requests. Proven to provide more control and reduce damages through intelligent automation. Proactive damage prevention tools offer additional controls beyond standard ticket management. Easy to use in the field and in the office. Use the device you want – laptop or desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. A single screen shows all tickets in the system, across multiple states. Exportable reports allow for advanced data manipulation. We expect program customization requests from our customers to meet their specific data gathering needs. No long term contracts or commitments required. Call or email for more information.

Locate Request Management Product: TruLink Mobile

Company Name: TruLink Mobile
E-Mail: info@trulinkmobile.com
Website: www.trulinkmobile.com
Contact: Mark Wheeler
Phone: 913-515-3704

TruLink Mobile was developed to fill in feature gaps not addressed by previous applications for underground utility locating ticket management. Significant improvements provided by TruLink enable users, from management to field techs, to complete their work without the unnecessary workarounds that hinder users of other systems. That extra effort mentally fatigues users and creates barriers to working efficiently. One customer has seen a 30% improvement in productivity while dig ticket volume has doubled – and while keeping damages very low. TruLink Mobile is not only a complete solution, but provides a friction-free workspace for contract locators, private locating as well as municipalities and utility companies.