Our Liaisons

Georgia 811 liaison managers are dedicated to educating our members, excavators and the general public about the importance of safe digging and excavation under Georgia law.

In addition to providing special training sessions and making educational presentations to groups of contractors, members and the general public, our liaisons attend numerous local meetings, conferences and trade shows with both local and national contracting and utility associations, as well as other organizations dedicated to public safety through safe digging practices.

Georgia 811 liaisons are assigned to specific geographic areas of the state. Please select your region from the map below to view the contact information of the liaison in your area.

Notice: Liaisons can not take your locate request. Please contact 811 in order to have your locate request created, or click here to use our Online Ticketing System.

Additional Staff:

Liaison Director: Holly Files, 404-538-6648

President: Meghan Wade, 770-746-6048

Education Administrator: Maria Copeland, 770-757-6467

Large Projects: Michael Bell, 770-286-1886

Hispanic Outreach: Maria Copeland, 770-757-6467

Regional Information (See map below):

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7