Underground Marking Standards

Marking Standards & White Lining

On October 20th, 2007, Georgia Public Service Commission Rule 515-9-4-.14, entitled
Georgia Underground Utility Marking Standards, went into effect. The first section of the rule describes white lining.

The Georgia Underground Facility Protection Act (GUFPA) states that if the location for the blasting or excavation cannot be defined with sufficient particularity, the person doing the blasting or excavating needs to white line the area where that work is to be done. (For official wording, see 25-9-6 B.) Section 1d of the commission rule is a directive to the Utilities Protection Center, d/b/a Georgia 811 to establish policies and procedures which determine sufficient particularity and identify when white lining is required.

To obtain a copy of Rule 515-9-4-.14 or the Georgia 811 of Georgia Board Policy, please click on GPSC Rule 515-9-4-.14 to see the Rule and Sufficient Particularity for the Georgia 811 policy.

As of January 1, 2008, excavators should have been proficient in the rule regarding white lining and should have applied this rule to current marking procedures. If you have any questions concerning marking standards and white lining, please call your Georgia 811 liaison manager or visit the White Lining FAQs page for further information. If you do not know who your liaison is, click here.

Georgia 811 also offers a training course on marking standards. Please visit the training & education page for more information.


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