Large Projects

PSC Large Project Rule 515-9-4-.13

Welcome to the PSC Large Projects Rule page

Georgia 811 has information available regarding the Large Project Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) Rule 515-9-4-.13.

Please refer to the following documents for more information or contact Georgia 811 Large Project Coordinator Michael Bell or by phone 770-476-6056 if you have questions or would like to request training.

  • Large Project Online Locate Request Form
  • Large Project Step By Step Guide
  • Large Project FAQs
  • Updated Large Project PRIS Codes
  • SAMPLE Marking Agreement
  • PSC Large Project Rule 515-9-4-.13
  • Large Project Meeting Notice Call-In Template

    EDEN VS GeoCall – Large Projects Update

    Georgia 811 hosted a live webinar on Tuesday October 13th. The purpose of this presentation was to familiarize Georgia 811 Stakeholders of changes and new procedures that will immediately be noticeable and unfamiliar when managing and viewing Large Project Tickets in the GeoCall system. The webinar concentrated on PRIS responses and some general differences on how Large Projects are handled in GeoCall as opposed to EDEN.