Online Ticket Options

There are three different ways to access the ticketing system, dependent on your needs.

  1. Georgia 811 member utility owners/operators have access to respond to tickets in PRIS and manage their Service Area Maps. To request an online member account, please contact our Member Services Department at or 770-623.5786.

  3. Professionals may have full access to the online ticketing system, GeoCall. To become a web user, online ticket creation training is required and can be accessed here.
    Additional Info for Web Users:

    • Intended for use by excavators, contractors, landscapers, and other digging professionals.
    • Full access to create a variety of ticket types: Normal, Emergency, Design, Overhead, Additional Request, and Update
    • No limit to number of submitted tickets
    • Tickets are immediately transmitted to affected member companies
    • Advanced ticket search functionality
    • Trouble? Contact the Help Desk at or 770-476-6050.

    To view the Georgia 811 Online Ticketing System Terms of Use Agreement, please click here.
    To view the Web User Policy, please click here.
    To view the BOT Policy, please click here.


  5. Homeowners/property owners may submit an eRequest. The eRequest system is a series of questions for diggers to answer which are then sent to a Contact Center Agent to process within two business days as a locate ticket. *Those needing to submit locate tickets more frequently should register as professionals/web users.
    eRequests are intended for:

    • Homeowners, DIYers, and Property Owners
    • Work on a single address
    • Work in an area that includes only one building
    • Use in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

    The following steps occur after you submit the eRequest form. If a Georgia 811 Contact Center Agent has any questions about the information submitted in an eRequest, they will contact the requester digger by phone and/or email. There is a 24-hour response time before the eRequest information is considered null and void.

    1. You will be sent a copy of your completed eRequest via email that includes the following information:
      • Your ticket number (Format example: 200717-001579)
      • A list of underground facility member owners/operators that are responsible for responding to your ticket
      • The effective date (date on which you are legally allowed to begin digging pending responses from all affected underground facility member owners/operators)
    2. You must check the status of your ticket, before you begin your project.
    3. You may proceed with excavation when all facilities have responded with a marked, clear, or no conflict code.
    4. Please contact the Help Desk at or 770-476-6050 if the underground facility member owners/operators have not responded by the effective date or if you have any questions about this process.