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Georgia 811 Damage Prevention Competent Person Training
Safe digging stakeholders throughout the state are encouraged to take the easily accessible online training to ensure their proficiency of safe digging methods in Georgia. The free training covers seven different educational topics in the following order:

  1. Introduction to Safe Excavation in Georgia
  2. Requesting a Dig Ticket & Understanding Utility Markings
  3. Liability & Damages
  4. Digging Safely: An Explanation of the Tolerance Zone, Potholing, Utility Depth, and Enforcement of the Georgia Dig Law
  5. Marking Standards for Underground Utilities
  6. Preparing a Damage Investigation
  7. Ticket Responses in the Positive Response Information System (PRIS)

Each section takes between five and ten minutes to complete, with the entire training lasting approximately one hour. After each section, there is a brief quiz to assess excavator understanding of the training topics. At the completion of the training, excavators will receive a completion certificate.
To Access the Online Damage Prevention Training:

  1. Visit Note: There is a 20 second delay for the page to launch.
  2. Logging In:
    • If you have taken the Georgia 811 Self-Paced Training for Online Ticket Creation you will already have a username and password for the site.
    • For excavators whom have never accessed the Coursettra site, it is recommended that you first allow emails from the sender Then, please select NO ACCOUNT? SIGN UP to create a username and password. After signing up and logging in to the system for the first time, there will be a Verify Email pop-up window that appears where you must select SEND CODE in order to receive an email confirmation that your account is successfully connected to your email address. If you do not wish to verify your email, you may select CANCEL to bypass this step and go straight into the student portal. When looking for your verification email, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still do not receive the verification email, please contact Web Services at
  3. After logging in, select TRAINING LIBRARY at the top of the page or select MY LIBRARY from the left side menu.
  5. Click on Register Now, then CONFIRM, then CLOSE the dialog box.
  6. Click START and you are ready to learn!


Training in Spanish is now available. To sign up or for questions about Online Damage Prevention Training, contact or call 770-476-6050.

Damage Prevention Training for Groups
Georgia 811 Liaison Managers serve the state of Georgia in many capacities. They offer training and education, dispute resolution, networking with industry stakeholders that would include local governments, utility owner/operators, excavators, contract locate companies, industry nonprofit organizations and more. Training and education opportunities are free, so do not hesitate to contact Georgia 811 using the form below.
Training Topics Can Include:

Please use the training form below to request group training.
If you need to sign-up for Online Ticket Creation Training, click here.

Liaison Training Request Form