ID-100156385811 for Homeowners

Before you dig, contact 811 to help prevent utility damage, service interruptions, costly repairs, and personal injury. This is a free service funded by utility companies.

  1. Submit an eRequest here or dial 811 to submit a ticket at least 3 business days before digging.
    After submitting a ticket, Georgia 811 notifies the appropriate utility companies of your digging plans. Professional locators are then sent by the utility companies to the requested dig site to mark the approximate locations of underground utility lines with spray paint.
    Information you will need in order to submit your ticket includes contact info, where on the property digging is planned, specific directions to your property, closest intersecting street to your property address, type of work being done, when you plan to begin, and how long your digging project is planned to take.
  2. Wait 3 business days.
    Utility members in your area have three business days to mark their utility lines at your dig site. They will use colors that correspond to their specific utility type.

  3. View utility company responses to your ticket online.
    Once the utility companies have marked their lines or determined that none are present at your dig site, they will respond to your ticket in the computer system. Always check the utility responses online before you begin digging.
    To view responses: click here. Then click on View Ticket Responses (PRIS) in the top left and enter your ticket number on the following page.
  4. If all utilities have responded with a marked or clear code, you may begin digging.
    If you have any issues with the responses or are missing responses, call 811 again so we can re-notify the utility companies. You may view a list of utility company response codes here.

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