Heavy Equipment Users


Digging Near Buried Utilities

In the state of Georgia, the Tolerance Zone is defined as 18 inches of either side of the outer edge of a buried utility line. When digging in the Tolerance Zone, you must use hand digging, potholing, soft digging, vacuum excavation methods, or pneumatic hand tools.


Potholing is Recommended

To determine the Tolerance Zone, potholing is recommended. Potholing is the use of hand tools or vacuum excavation methods to expose buried utility lines.

Report all damages: Any damage to an underground utility line requires a call to 811, the damaged facility, and to 911 if it is a hazardous material. Any impact that may lead the weakening of the line over time should be considered a damage. This includes damages to protective coating, lateral support, cathodic protection, and housing of the utility line.
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