New Traffic Member Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a local government determine if they own a traffic control device or traffic management system?

Signals located on numbered State Routes are typically owned by the state, but the local city or county may still hold responsibility for maintenance and operations. The responsible party on a power bill generally indicates who is responsible for the signal. However, the state often provides funds for repairs to locally maintained signals, so a paying entity may not always represent ownership.

A local government may contact their Georgia DOT district representative if ownership has not been determined. Click here to find appropriate contact information.
2. How long will traffic members receive free membership?

Georgia 811 membership will be free of cost for new traffic members until January 1, 2024. The Georgia Underground Facility Protection Act section 25-9-14 (h) states, “In order to provide local governing authorities adequate time for initial budgeting and staffing, the starting date for enforcement of the requirement to locate traffic control devices and traffic management systems shall be January 1, 2024.”
3. Are streetlights included in the requirement to become a Georgia 811 member?

Streetlights are not considered traffic control devices or traffic management systems per the definition provided in the Georgia Underground Facility Protection Act and are excluded from the traffic member requirement. However, streetlight owners/operators may fall under the traditional requirement to become a Georgia 811 member as a facility owner/operator. Membership requirements can be reviewed by looking at the Georgia Underground Facility Protection Act.

O.C.G.A.§ 25-9-3

(36) ‘Traffic Control Devices’ means all electronic or electrically powered roadway signs, sign structures, or signals of a local governing authority or the Department of Transportation and all associated underground infrastructure on which the public relies for informational, regulatory, or warning messages concerning the public rights of way.

(37) ‘Traffic Management Systems’ means a network of traffic control devices, monitoring sensors, and personnel of a local governing authority or the Department of Transportation, with all associated communications and power services, including all system control and management centers.
4. Are school cameras included in the requirement to become a Georgia 811 member?

School zone cameras are included in the requirement for new traffic members to the extent that the cameras are used for traffic control, have belowground electrical lines, and are controlled or contracted by the city or county.