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To help promote safe digging you can order the following items. Scroll down to find the item you need, fill out the request form and submit it. Please allow 10 business days for shipping. If you have any questions, please contact Maria Copeland at 770.757.6467 or Click Here to email her.

If you do not dig in Georgia, please go to to get the website or phone number of the One Call Center for the state you dig in. The following items are available to individuals/companies who dig in Georgia.


Name: GA811 Banner - 4'x2'

GA811 Banner - 4'x2'


Safe Digging Banners – Stakeholders can request the 4×2 banner to hang publicly. Recipients are asked to share a photo with Georgia 811 with details of where they’re spreading the safe digging message. (Please note: Banners are not intended for proclamation photos. Please contact Maria Copeland to request a Safe Digging Month/Day Poster to be used for proclamation photos.)

4′ wide by 2′ tall banner comes with grommets and wind-slits.


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