Solutions Hub

Georgia 811 is part of a network of safe digging stakeholders working to keep Georgia safe and connected. As technological advances continue to empower Georgia 811 to provide enhanced solutions aimed at preventing damage to underground and overhead utility facilities, the Solutions Hub gives stakeholders one access point to several modern technological resources.

Georgia 811 Members have free access to the software platform Thoughtspot, which allows them full access to their ticket data with analytical capabilities to examine the data. The data investigation capability is designed to give members the opportunity to alter internal processes and procedures in an effort to reduce damages and costs.
Members may request a username and password to access their ticket data, by visiting the Thoughtspot – Member Reporting page. Training opportunities for the software are also accessible on the page.

In order to provide efficient solutions to stakeholders, Georgia 811 has a Systems Availability Dashboard that provides up-to-date status information on several services and their accessibility status. If a system is down due to an outage, weather event or other reason, the dashboard will show the status.
Access the Systems Availability Dashboard here.

Georgia 811 members have full access to update their service area maps at any time. It is essential that members have accurate maps in the Georgia 811 system so that they receive notifications when excavation is being done in an area where they have underground and/or overhead utilities.
Access to the Service Area Maps and links to instructional resources can be found on the Service Area Map Management page.