Georgia 811 – There’s An App For That

April 24, 2012 – Duluth: Georgia 811 announces the release of the Georgia 811 Mobile App. Created to allow excavators, utility owner operators and homeowners an additional access to the Positive Response Information System, or PRIS, from Android devices 2.1 or greater.


Contacting Georgia 811 before you dig is the first step in the safe digging process. Waiting the required amount of time for the utility owner/operators to mark their underground lines is the next step. PRIS is the communication tool that allows the utility companies respond to the person requested the lines be marked. A utility company uses a number of codes to communicate what steps they have taken to complete the diggers locate request.


Examples of this would be 1A, Marked; 3A, Unmarked: Locate technician could not gain access to complete the request. Locator will contact excavator. or 5, No conflict, utility is outside of requested work site.  For a full list of PRIS codes and definitions click here.


Each code tells the excavator the status of their locate request. The Georgia 811 Mobile App allows excavators to access this information from mobile devices, or for Utility Owners, to enter their response to the locate request. The Georgia 811 Mobile App will also provide you with the locate request details.


In short, by using your locate request number the following actions may be done via the app:


  • Homeowners – use the app to track and check the status of your locate request to ensure all utilities have responded before beginning to dig.
  • Excavators – use the app to check the latest responses from utilities on the status of all your locate requests. Never have to print and keep up with a paper copy of the ticket again!
  • Utility Owners/Members – use the app to respond to PRIS once locate requests have been located. Enter the request number, respond, and move to the next one!


Download the Georgia 811 Mobile App or go to


Also, don’t forget the new eTicket for the homeowners. eTicket is an online form to apply for a locate request, or dig ticket. Once logged on to, simply fill out the online form. This will send your information to a Georgia 811 CSR who then completes the application for you notifying the member utility companies who have service in the dig area. This notification from is what prompts member utility companies who will then dispatch locate technicians to mark underground lines with colored flags and paint.  By respecting the location of the paint marks and flags you can avoid dangerous contact with underground facilities. On average, Georgia 811, will notify seven member utility companies where digging will take place.  Use the Georgia 811 Mobile App to see if all the notified utilities have responded to your locate request before beginning your project.


Notify Georgia 811 at least two (2) business days before excavation begins on public and private property, rights of way and easements. Know what’s below. Call before you dig. Simply dial 811 or log on to


Established in 1974, Georgia 811 is a non-profit organization comprised of over 700-member utility companies, including cities and counties throughout Georgia that benefit through reductions in lost time, accidents, service interruptions and costly repairs. Georgia 811 has been an industry leader in preventing damage to underground utility facilities and promoting safety and efficiency through high quality and economical notification services. In addition, Georgia 811 provides training and education while encouraging compliance with all applicable laws.


Georgia 811 strives to encourage four Dig Safely practices: 1) Call before you dig. 2) Wait the required amount of time for marking. 3) Respect the marks. 4) Dig with care.


Georgia 811, keeping Georgians safe and connected. Call Before You Dig, every project, every time, dial 811 or (1-800-282-7411) from any part of the state. For more information, visit the Georgia 811 web site at For more about the Georgia “Dig Law”, visit the Georgia Public Service Commission’s website at .