Emergency Notices No Longer Accepted In eRequest System

In order to serve Safe Digging Partners in a timely and efficient manner, effective on 2/3/2020 Georgia 811 will no longer process Emergency Notices in the eRequest System.


Emergency Notices will continue to be accepted by EDEN users and by phone.

1. To become an EDEN user, you can watch a one-hour video at your convenience or receive training via video conference from a Georgia 811 employee. For more information visit: http://georgia811.com/index.php/eden-training/.

2. To process an Emergency Notice by phone, simply dial 811 or 1-800-282-7411.

As a reminder, an Emergency is defined in the Georgia Dig Law as “a sudden or unforeseen occurrence involving a clear and imminent danger to life, health, or property; the interruption of utility services; or repairs to transportation facilities that require immediate action.”


Should you need further assistance, please contact Web Services during normal business hours at webhelpdesk@Georgia811.com or at 770-623-6050.