2014 Locate Rodeo Winners Announced

13 years of locate excellence were celebrated in Georgia this year. Competition was held Saturday, August 9, on the campus of Emory University. It was hosted by Georgia 811 and the National Utility Locate Contractors Association (NULCA). The International Utility Locate Rodeo (Locate Rodeo) is described as “The Olympics of the Locate Industry”. 73 locate technician competitors and 125 volunteers from across the US and Canada were in attendance this year.


Claudette Campbell, President and CEO of Georgia 811. “The locate rodeo is a great way to honor the men and women who locate underground utilities and to showcase to the world how their hard work keeps residents safe.”


The mission of the Locate Rodeo is to be the preeminent event for Utility Locate Technicians. Locate Rodeo is designed to celebrate the art and science behind the craft of underground utility locating. It recognizes and serves as the cornerstone for promoting high quality and achievable standards in the industry.


Competitors compete in one of four divisions: gas, power, telecom or water. Within each division, their skills are put to the test at three different event sites. The scores from all three event sites are used to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, time is used to determine the winner. Each competitor is allowed 12 minutes to complete an event and time is used as a tie breaker. A bonus event, the Locate From Hell (LFH), is open to any competitor who feels they are up to the challenge.


Decisions to participate in the LFH are voluntary and it differs from other divisions in several ways. First, there is only one event site. Second, the competitor only has 3 minutes of mean time for locating. Third, the competitor may not use his or her own equipment.  They are required to select equipment from one of the participating Rodeo Equipment Manufacturer sponsors.


First place winners in each division win $1000. Second place earns $500 and third takes home $250. The total purse for the event is $8750. In addition to the Rodeo winnings, the Rodeo Equipment Manufacturer’s Challenge (REMC) makes it possible for first place winners to add up to $1000 more to their first place winnings. Double Diamond Sponsor Krylon awarded $100 to each first place winner. This year a record $13,250 in winnings was awarded.


For the 2014 competition, REMC Diamond sponsors Radiodetection and Vivax/Metrotech sponsored all four divisions and the LFH. Winners in each division, who declared their use of a diamond REMC’s equipment, could have added $1000 to their winnings.


For more information and photos about the Locate Rodeo or for information from a previous year’s competition, please visit www.LocateRodeo.com or look for Locate Rodeo on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


2014 International Utility Locate Rodeo Winners

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To receive your individual scores please email Becky Creech at bcreech@georgia811.com

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2014 Locate Rodeo Winners Presentation
2014 Locate Rodeo Candids Presentation