Georgia 811 Addresses COVID-19 Concerns

Georgia 811 is committed to the safety of its employees, members, excavators, and external stakeholders. As businesses evaluate their protocols amidst growing concerns with COVID-19, Georgia 811 wants to assure stakeholders of its capability to operate its one call notification system in a variety of crisis situations.

Georgia 811 allows employees to telecommute on a regular basis. Employees work from home and use technological solutions to execute the 811 notification system. We will continue to operate under normal business practices as we follow guidelines from health officials. We encourage all stakeholders to follow the advice of medical and public health personnel in an effort to continue to prioritize safety.

Should you have any questions regarding the safe digging process, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We will be working closely with the damage prevention community to continue to promote safe digging practices and the safety of all stakeholders.