New Ticket Software System to Launch in 2020

Georgia 811 is pleased to announce the transition to a new locate request software system. GeoCall will offer upgraded functionality and will replace EDEN during the first half of 2020.

Georgia 811 is moving to GeoCall because:

  1. It is a modern system that can grow with the needs of Georgia 811, members, excavators, and homeowners.
  2. The system is currently used by twelve other one call centers around the country who can offer long-term support and technical assistance.
  3. The database is easy to manage and use which will help Georgia 811 generate reports and make business decisions based on analyzed data.

Prior to the launch, users will have a 90-day testing period, and access to a wide variety of training opportunities. Georgia 811 will keep users updated on development via newsletters, social media, and announcements on the GeoCall webpage. Please visit the GeoCall webpage here for more information including FAQs.