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The eRequest System is perfect for DIYers and property owners who want to begin the ticket creation process for a single address or residence. You will be submitting an application that may take up to 1 business day to process.
The following steps will occur after you submit the eRequest Application:

  1. A Georgia 811 Web Service Representative will process your eRequest Application within 12 business hours (Monday – Friday).

  3. If one of the Web Service Representatives has any questions about the information you submitted on your eRequest Application, you will be contacted by phone and/or email. We will allow 24 hours for you to respond before considering your request null and void.

  5. You will be sent a copy of your completed eRequest via email that includes the following information:
    • Your ticket number
    • A list of utility member owners/operators that are responsible for responding to your ticket
    • The legal date (date on which you are legally allowed to begin digging pending responses from all affected utility owners/operators)

  7. Prior to beginning your excavation project, check your ticket status and the responses from the affected utility members by using the Ticket Response System (PRIS).

Please contact the Web Help Desk at webhelpdesk@georgia811.com or (770)476-6050 if you have any questions about this process.

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