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You may not request more than 1 (one) mile along a single street to be located on a single ticket. For more information, visit: https://www.georgia811.com/index.php/locate-request-size-policy/


  1. Address:
    • DO NOT enter an address number.
    • Enter the street name.
    • Next, enter the street type. (I.e. Road, Lane, Street, Drive, etc.)
  2. Cross Street:
    • Enter the name of the cross street along with the street type.
  3. Locate Instructions:
    • Enter the Locate Instructions for a single street not to exceed one mile.
      • Describe the area where work will take place with Sufficient Particularity using concise locate instructions.
        Note: Include all information pertaining to locating into this field, i.e. Boring information, lot numbers, multiple addresses, etc.
        Note: The locate instructions must be in sync with the Work Type and Work Information Questions.
        Example: If the work type is to install a water service line, the locate instructions should be to locate from the street to the building, not just the right of way.
  4. Map/Search Results:
    • Select Use Ticket to search for a location using the ticket information entered. (The Search Results will list options for the Exact Street, Bing Results, Street Begins With and Similar Streets.)
    • Select the correct street that the work will be on by choosing an option from one of the following:
      • Exact Street
      • Street begins With
      • Similar Streets.
        Note: The map will highlight the selected road.
    • Use the Draw Circle, Draw Point, Draw Line or Draw Polygon tools to select the dig site – making sure to cover all addresses.
      • Mark Radius – Draws a circle, at the selected point, according to the entered radius.
      • Mark Point – Draws a point on the map with a 200ft buffer.
      • Mark Line – Draws a line on the map with a 200ft buffer.
      • Mark Area – Draws a shape on the map without a buffer.
      • Use Selection – Draws a circle, at the selected point, using a 200ft radius.
        Note: You must double click at the end point to release the tool and complete the drawing.