Excavator Resources – View Ticket Responses (PRIS)


The View Ticket Responses (PRIS) menu allows you to view, print, or check responses on a specific ticket. (Click Here for more information on Member Responses.)
Click here for information on How To Search EDEN Large Project Tickets in the new ticketing system.

At the top menu bar of the ticketing system, click on “View Ticket Responses (PRIS)” to open the ticket search menu.

  1. Ticket Number:

    • Enter the Ticket Number of the ticket that you want to display.

  3. The associated ticket information along with member responses will automatically display on the right.

  5. In the toolbar at the top of the display window, you will have the following options:


    • Print – Print the ticket shown on the screen.
    • Show Map – View the dig site area as drawn on the ticket.