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Contact/Technical Support
Web Help Desk
Ticket Creation (Untrained Users)
eRequest – Single Address Ticket Creation
Update Ticket
Ticket Status
View Ticket Responses (PRIS)
Member Response
What Do The Markings Mean?
Ticket Creation Training
Georgia 811 Online Ticket Creation Training
Georgia 811 Online Ticketing System – Ticket Creation (Trained Users)
Multiple Tickets, Copy, Cancel
Search Tickets
Additional Request
Mapping – Single Address
Mapping – Intersection
Mapping – Address Not On Map
Mapping – Multiple Addresses
Mapping – Along A Street Or R/O/W
Mapping – Map Tools
Web Ticket Guidelines
Work Types
Ticket Size Policy
Sufficient Particularity
Mobile App
Georgia 811 Mobile App

The videos below feature functions that are available in the Georgia 811 Online Ticketing System. Click on the links in the left-hand column to view additional information about each training topic. Excavators need to take a short training to receive a username and password for the system. Training information can be found here.

Ticket Creation


Ticket Actions

Web Ticket Guidelines

Mobile App

The videos below detail ticket actions that can be taken without logging in to the online ticketing system. The eRequest system is designed for single address tickets and is perfect for nonprofessional excavators such as homeowners. Without logging in to the ticketing system, excavators can also update tickets and view member responses on tickets.