Excavator Resources – Member Response

Contacting Georgia 811 will begin the process where Georgia 811 will contact its members that own underground facilities in your area to notify them of your intentions to dig. Those members will then send out a locate technician to locate public underground facilities owned by that member on your property. They will only locate public facilities and not private facility, as private facilities are the responsibility of the property owner. Click here for more information on Public vs. Private Utilities.
The Positive Response Information System (PRIS) allows you to check your ticket status and the responses from the affected underground facility members. You may not proceed with excavation until all facilities are coded “marked,” “clear,” or similar code.

Note: The system will automatically send a Late Notice to all Members who have not responded to the Ticket Response System (PRIS) by the Respond By date listed on the ticket.

If there are obvious signs of an unmarked underground facility, contact Georgia 811 for an Additional Request then contact the underground facility member directly. If you need further assistance, contact a Liaison Manager.