Excavator Resources – Work Types


You must be specific on the ticket when listing the type of work being performed and include ALL types of work that will take place.
Also, when requesting a ticket for work being performed on a utility line, you must:

  • Specify what is being done to the line: installing, repairing or replacing.
  • Specify which utility: electric, gas, water, etc.
  • Include whether the line is a main or service line.


Acceptable Work Types include:

  • Cleaning Ditches, Install Drainpipes
  • Grading and Landscaping
  • Install Foundation for Building
  • Install sewer and water main
  • Repair Water Service
  • Replace Electric Primary
  • Planting Trees, Bushes, Shrubs
  • Install Street Lights
  • Install Pole Mount, CATV Service
  • Install Anchors
  • Killing Gas Service
  • Soil Test Boring

Unacceptable Work Types:

  • Digging or Trenching
  • Excavating
  • New Construction
  • Underground Utilities
  • Water Leak
  • Locate Power Line

*This list includes but is not limited to the Work Types listed above. To view additional work types, click here.